Unique and Specialized Party Hire Companies

Above all else, when searching for a party hire service, everyone knows that cost is the biggest factor. Not only that, but the amount of equipment and services offered by a party hire company also have a weight into whether or not you choose to go with them. There are a plethora of party companies in Sydney that deal specifically with party hire rentals, as it is a popular destination for both tourists and locals to host the biggest and the best parties in all of Australia. As someone who is looking for the right equipment for a limited budget, there are many choices you can make in regards to a party hire company that services all different areas of Sydney.

For party hire equipment directly related to lighting, Lightsounds is literally one of the best and brightest. Offering a wide variety of pulse, laser and strobe lights and located right in the heart of Sydney, these experts have been dealing with light equipment rentals for several years. They also offer effects machines, which can produce a variety of patterns and different sequences of pulsing colors.

If you’re looking for party hire equipment geared towards a younger audience, then look no further. Tiny Tots Toy Hire, also located in the heart of Sydney and right down the road from Lightsounds, specializes in the rental of equipment specifically for kids from preschool and into elementary school. Bouncing castles, slides, playhouses and all kinds of food machines are available at great rates. They also serve as a chair hire, offering a variety of kids themed tables and chairs which will add that extra space your party needs.

Patti’s Party Hire is a party service that specializes in only the biggest and fanciest of event and function solutions. With a raving amount of customer reviews all four stars above, these experts in the field of party hire also serve as corporate party hire dealers. Much of what they offer in their corporate line will not only give your work party that subtle elegance it needs, but buying in bulk will help you save money and time – compared to going to specialized dealers for corporate event party hire sydney services, Patti’s will personally set you up with one of their agents to go over any one of your particular needs in detail.

Sydney offers a variety of party hire options in all different forms.